Friday, May 11, 2012

Team K-Wall E

In order to achieve the requirements of the multi-shoot cannon project, we came up with a design that’s mostly composed mainly of three systems. At first, we built the overall structure of PVC material that has two degrees of freedom that are actuated by two stepper motors and calibrated using potentiometers. After that, a firing mechanism was created using a rotating wheel driven by a dc motor. The ballistic balls are fed to the rotating wheel through a hopper is pushed and pulled by a spring-rod mechanism which is actuated by a servomotor. Then, a vision system was built using a Wii camera to detect targets and IR-LEDs to illuminate targets.

Mohammed Alqahtani
Firing Mechanism Design/Structural Design/Machining Fabrication/System/Testing/CAD Modeling/Documentation –Webpage & Public Demo.

Rohit Padmanabhan
Structural Design/CAD Modeling/Electronics/Testing/Programming/Documentation -Final Report.

Jason Reballo
Responsibility: Vision Sensing/Testing.

Joon Seob shin

Labeled Pictures of overall system with description

Figure1: The Overall System
Figure2: Firing Mechanism&Hopper

Figure3: Firing Mechanism

Pictures and descriptions of subsystems

The Firing Mechanism

The mechanism is made of a rotating wheel driven by a dc motor as shown in figure 2&3. It also has a servomotor and a srping-rod mechanism thats is used for feeding balls and pushing them into the rotating wheel. 

The Tracking Mechanism

The main fuction of it is holding the oeverall systems which includes the vision and firing system. Also, allowing the overall structure to make two movements for panning and pitching. Both degree of freedoms were actuated using stepper motors and calibrated using potenitometers. 

The Vision System

A wii-mote camera was used to acquire target coordinates and 10 arrays of IR-LEDs were used to illuminae targets so that they can be tracked to a reference point on the testbed.


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